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Barrier Breakers

  • Barrier Breakers

Discussion about Gambling Issues and Mental Health






Kath Teychenne Centre, Breed Street


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Barrier Breakers in Traralgon are inviting community members to join their new Gambling Advocacy Program (GAP) to generate a discussion on gambling issues and mental health. The program is open to anyone who would like to make a positive change to their own lives, the lives of their families and people close to them, or the wider community regarding the effect of gambling on mental health.

Advocates will guide the sessions and allow participants to share their experiences so that areas of change and gaps in the support system can be identified.  Barrier Breakers can then offer to support or facilitate participants in running initiatives brought forward in the group sessions by providing advocacy on an individual level or a systemic level. The Advocates will also provide any information or referral to gambling support organisations.

Tuesdays: 12 – 2pm

Thursdays: 6 – 8pm

25th July 2017

3rd August 2017

8th August 2017

17th August 2017

22nd August 2017

31st August 2017

5th September

14th September 2017

19th September 2017

28th September 2017