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Anti-lockdown protests

Anti-lockdown protests

Fines follow anti-lockdown protests in Gippsland

Police will issue fines to a small group of people protesting the current lockdown on parkland at the Port of Sale.

The group of nine resisted police attempts to break them up.

Officers from Sale, Maffra and Loch Sport attended.

Wellington Police said fines of $5452 will be handed out for the offence of "refusing or failing to comply with a direction given to, or a requirement made of, a person in the exercise of a power under an authorisation given under section 199 by failing to comply with a requirement in relation to private or public gathering."

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Police said "any persons committing a clear, blatant and obvious breach of the CHO directions will be fined."

We also understand that a small group of anti-lockdown protesters rallied outside the East Gippsland Shire Council offices in Bairnsdale this morning.

It was one of a number of protests held in the Melbourne suburbs and around the state.

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