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Anzac Day Price Hike

Prices set according to demand

Footy fans have hit out at both Essendon and the AFL after ticket prices for next week's Anzac Day clash at the MCG were raised by as much as 80 per cent.

The league's contentious dynamic pricing permits home clubs to set their own prices based on demand.

The Bombers have listed some level four seats at the MCG at $72 dollars, up from $40 last year.

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Gerry Eeman, president of the AFL fans association, told Tom Elliott it was a cash grab that would do more harm than good.

"We think it's short-sighted," he said on 3AW Drive.

"It might help the short-term bottom line, but it really risks disenfranchising the supporter base and they need that supporter base to be healthy in the long term."