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File photo: Keith Packenham

Bruthen bushfire focus

Bruthen bushfire focus

File photo: Keith Packenham

Ramrods Creek fire continues to spread

Ten bushfires continue to burn in East Gippsland, started by lightning last Thursday night.

Most are in inaccessible forest areas, with one to the east of Bruthen of the greatest concern.

A 'watch and act' message for Ramrods Creek was downgraded to 'advice' level last night.

Fire fighters will resume their work this morning in steep, difficult terrain.

Much of the attack is from the air with ground equipment also being used where possible.

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Fire controllers say the fire continues to spread and its rate and direction may vary depending on wind variations.

Further assessments of this fire will be made this morning.

People in the Ramrod Creek and Bruthen areas are being urged to stay informed and monitor conditions.

A change will move through the East Gippsland fire area this afternoon.

Northerly winds will push smoke towards the coast at first but the southerly change will reverse that later.

Senior weather bureau forecaster Richard Carlyon says there will be some showers later tonight and again tomorrow.

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