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CFA Donations Welcomed

CFA Donations Welcomed

An outpouring of donations has been received by brigades across East Gippsland

As local fire brigades and communities in East Gippsland continue their recovery journey 6 months on from the summer's bushfires, an influx of community donations has ensured they stay equipped into the future.

Organisations and members of the public have passed on a range of safety equipment to East Gippsland's District 11 CFA brigades, which include:

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- garden hoses and sprinklers to the Mossi-Tambo Fire Brigade, was humbled to receive two

- a 600-litre Firefighting Skid Units valued at more than $5000 each from staff at the Southern Program Alliance to the Omeo Fire Brigade

- other safety equipment including pumps, generators and flares

Donations have come from as far as Germany, the US and UK, as well as small businesses and individuals closer to home. District 11 representatives believe the donations were, in part, made possible by the worldwide media coverage during the height of the fires.

The District's Assistant Chief Fire Officer, Daryll Hunter said the donations are a big win for some of the region's smaller brigades who have limited fundraising capabilities.

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