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Photo supplied: Ensay fire, Monday 9 December 2019

Could burn for months

Could burn for months

Photo supplied: Ensay fire, Monday 9 December 2019

East Gippsland bushfires update - 10 December 2019

From Bairnsdale Incident Control Centre

Fire crews and support staff are working hard to bring the four active fires in East Gippsland under control.

The fires total approximately 40,000 hectares in the regions of W Tree Yalmy, Six Mile Track Bruthen, Marthavale Barmouth Spur and Ensay Ferntree Creek.

Incident Controller at the Bairnsdale Incident Control Centre, Brett Mitchell, said that hot and variable wind conditions on Monday caused the fires to act in an unpredictable manner with many spot fires occurring in and around the existing fires.

“We have been speaking with the communities that may be affected most by these four fires, encouraging them to be prepared.

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“The Ensay Ferntree Creek fire caused the most concern yesterday due to its movement and behaviour. An Emergency Warning was issued to the community of Reedy Flat and Holston in the afternoon. Efforts from ground crews and aircrews, and the wind change, significantly minimised impacts on the fire east of Ensay last night. The fire was downgraded from an Emergency Warning around 2am.

“Work to suppress the current fires continues, however, unless we get significant rainfall in the coming days and weeks, these fires may continue to burn for some months. There is also potential for more fires to start as the summer weather heats up.”

“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the fire crews, support staff, air operations and volunteers for their hard work and dedication in assisting to keep our communities safe and the local businesses who provide invaluable support to our operations,” Mr Mitchell said.

Gippslanders and visitors are encouraged to continue to explore the region and go camping, fishing, riding and driving, ensuring all the great local businesses are supported.

Before you visit, please check the VicEmergency app or website to ensure you travel to safe areas and remain alert to changing conditions.

Current fire statistics for main fires going in East Gippsland:
W Tree-Yalmy fire 14,667 hectares
Bruthen-Six Mile Track fire 10,429 hectares
Ensay-Fern Tree Creek fire 10,115 hectares
Marthavale-Barmouth Spur fire 5,510 hectares

Photo supplied: Ensay fire, night shift briefing 9 December

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