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Cycling for kids' safety

  • Cycling for kids' safety
  • Cycling for kids' safety

Peddling an important message for charity

Riding from Morwell this weekend to protect children from the effects of violence and bullying

They might be called The Snapping Turtle, Roo Boy and The Hairy Eagle, but this group of elite cyclists takes what they do very seriously. And now’s your chance to help them raise money for the Alannah & Madeline Foundation, as they take on a 375k spectacular weekend ride across Victoria.

The King’s Men is a unique cycling group which began over 10 years ago. Founder Stuart Verrier, also known as The King, said the group, which includes about 80 members, was made up of great personalities and includes grand dukes, arch dukes, princes, lords, barons, knights and serfs.

“Each member is allocated a specific name, such as The Padawan and The Submarine,” The King said. Non-members are known as “Randoms”.

But while it all sounds like fun and games, the cycling part is no joking matter.

“Because of the serious dangers of cycling, we formed a very recognisable closed group that allowed us to control the way we rode on public roads. By giving ourselves highly identifiable outfits and names, we became responsible for our actions and our sponsors. Many groups aren’t accountable. Everyone knows who we are and our brand and reputation means everything to us.”

However, once a year this tight-knit group opens up the doors to its kingdom to allow outsiders to join them for a spectacular weekend ride. This year, “Ride Different” is taking place on November 11 and 12 from Morwell to Mt Baw Baw to St Kilda – 375km altogether.

The King says it will be a brilliant weekend of riding on some of Victoria’s best kept secret roads.

In its third year, the charity ride has so far raised almost $38,400 for the Alannah & Madeline Foundation which works to keep children safe from violence.

The King said it is a cause that is close to all the members’ hearts. “Because so many of us have kids of our own, we can relate.”

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About the Foundation

The Alannah & Madeline Foundation is the leading national not-for-profit organisation working to protect children from the effects of violence and bullying.

The Foundation has assisted 2 million children 20 years.

We believe that no child should feel unsafe or be threatened with violence.

The Foundation’s vision is that every child will live in a safe and supportive environment.


Ride Different 2017 - 375km
11-12 November 2017
Stops for lunches / dinner / accommodation are marked with *

Day 1
Morwell > Mt Baw Baw – 200km
• Morwell*
• Moe*
• Yallourn North
• Tyers
• Rawson
• Erica*
• Willow Grove
• Fumina South
• Icy Creek
• Mt Baw Baw*

Day 2
Mt Baw Baw to Melbourne (St Kilda) - 175km
• Mt Baw Baw*
• Noojee
• Poweltown
• Yarra Junction
• Mount Evelyn*
• Montrose
• Ringwood
• Doncaster
• Kew
• Richmond
• Burnley
• Albert Park
• St Kilda*