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Drunk Driver In Moe

Drunk Driver In Moe

Police have been left staggered by a drunk driver in Moe on Friday

From Victoria Police

A man has had his girlfriend’s car impounded after he was detected drink driving in Moe Friday afternoon.

It is believed the man cashed the car into a fence near an Anzac Street supermarket.

He then attempted to purchase alcohol and was refused before staggering back to his vehicle.

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A member of the public attended the Moe Police Station to report the incident and officers from Latrobe Highway Patrol crossed the road to investigate.

They observed the man make numerous attempts to unlock the car before stopping him as he attempted to reverse out of the park.

The 33-year-old man, who was unlicensed, returned a reading of 0.166.

The car was impounded at a cost of $1005 and the man will be charged on summons with drunk driving and unlicensed driving.

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