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Easter blood donor call

Easter blood donor call

Blood needed urgently this Easter and Anzac Day

A nationwide drive to bolster blood stocks over the Easter and ANZAC Day holiday period begins today.

More than 4,000 donors are urgently needed to give blood between Easter Saturday and Friday, April 26 in order to prevent a shortage of blood products required by cancer patients and road trauma victims.

In particular, people with O and A blood types are needed to help boost Blood Service stocks.

The Traralgon Donor Centre of the Australian Red Cross Blood Service is in Seymour Street, with dedicated parking across the road in the multi-storey car park.

Blood Service spokesperson Helen Walsh said that while blood will be needed by thousands of people across Australia this Easter, supply is not guaranteed unless more donors step up to donate.

“The need for blood doesn’t take a holiday so we’re urging Australians to factor a blood donation into their plans this Easter.

“We need 4,000 donations between Easter Saturday and Friday, April 26 to ensure Australian patients receive the blood they need.”

Of most importance is a blood component called platelets.

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“Platelets are the clotting agent of blood - vital in the treatment of many cancers and to combat life-threatening bleeding from road trauma and in other emergency situations.

“Unfortunately platelets have a shelf-life of just five days which means we can’t stockpile them and with three public holidays in quick succession this Easter, we need people donating during this time period to meet demand," Ms Walsh said.

One in three Australians will need blood in their lifetime, but only one in 30 currently donates.

“The life you help save this Easter could be that of a family member or close friend,” she said.

The Traralgon blood donation centre is open throughout the Easter period except for Good Friday.

To give blood, please call 13 14 95 or book online at

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