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Photo: EBAC Demolition

Final felling in Feb

Final felling in Feb

Photo: EBAC Demolition

Remaining Morwell Power Station chimneys to come down

The Energy Brix power station site in Morwell should be completely bare and fully levelled by March 2021.

The last remaining northern chimney stacks at the former Morwell Power Station are planned to be felled in mid February as part of the Energy Brix Australia Pty Ltd (EBAC) Demolition Project.

An exact day and time of the chimney fell won't be announced until next month, as the process is heavily dependent on completion of the demolition in the fall path of the chimney, and weather forecasts.

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When the chimney stack fall does proceed, it will signify the last of the major remaining structures to be collapsed onsite after the bunker house was collapsed in late December.

The bunker house demolition was the largest of all the project’s controlled collapses that occurred on the site, weighing an estimated 3500t.

Once the chimney fall is complete, it will mean all building collapses have occurred exactly as planned which EBAC Remediation General Manager, Barry Dungey, said was a credit to all involved.

The 94 metre high chimney stacks have been part of the region’s skyline for decades and for those interested in viewing the felling of the final remaining stacks, a safe line of sight can once again be seen from the former EBAC employee’s carpark outside the boundary fence. This option is safer than using public roads.

Those interested in witnessing the chimney fell are urged to stay up-to-date with the project’s progress via the EBAC Demolition Project website at

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