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Fire aftermath

Fire aftermath

Maffra removal company still operating after Monday fire

Andersons Removals at Maffra is assuring the community it is still operating after a break-in and fire earlier this week.

A storage area and office was destroyed early on Monday morning.

Records were lost in the fire and they're asking clients to make contact.

However Andersons says it is still fully functional with staff and vehicles operating as usual.

They have thanked CFA volunteers and others who helped on Monday.

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As many of you maybe aware, we suffered a significant loss to the business early Monday morning. Our main warehouse was broken into and set on fire, resulting in the total loss of one of our storage facilities and our entire office complex. This has had a massive impact on the daily operations and has reduced the amount of work available to our team.

The response of the many CFA volunteers, Fire Service personnel, police members and the Wellington Shire was amazing. Thankyou to all who attended and managed this traumatic event with professionalism and compassion.

We are officially 100% functional - there has been no impact to any of our vehicles and our entire team is good to go as usual. If you or anyone had any bookings or storage consignments please make contact. Unfortunately we have lost all records and details of our clients and need this information as it becomes available.

Thankyou again to absolutely everyone who has made contact to offer their support.

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