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Fixing the bail laws

  • Fixing  the bail lawsImage: Macquarie Media

Daniel Andrews announces major shake-up of Victoria's bail system

The Premier has just announced a major shake-up of the bail system in the wake of the Bourke Street tragedy.

Daniel Andrews revealed on Monday a new night court would be established.

Under the system, bail applications will be heard by a magistrate, rather than a bail justice.

Magistrates will be on call after hours as a result.

“It’s our job to take the frustration, anger and the deep sadness that Victorians feel after the Bourke Street tragedy and to make sure that’s put into reform and change.”

“It is very clear that our bail system needs a major shake-up and we are getting the best expert advice to make sure we get this right.” - Daniel Andrews

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Meanwhile, a leading crime writer told Ross and John the system was broken and Victorians would demand action.

He said the Bourke Street rampage would act as a vehicle for change, much like the horrific murder of Jill Meagher did in 2012.

"How have we allowed this to happen?" he said.

John Silvester is an Australian journalist and crime writer. He has written for major Melbourne based newspapers such as The Age, the Sunday Herald Sun and others.