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SES flood rescue

Knowing flood warnings

Knowing flood warnings

SES flood rescue

SES urges understanding of flood warnings and weather

With a three times higher chance of flooding this spring, VICSES units in Gippsland are reminding us of the different warnings and messages to look out for when storms, rain and possible flooding are on the way.

“The first time we know bad weather might be brewing is when the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) issues a severe weather warning” said Community Resilience Coordinator in Gippsland, Jane Fontata. “If the weather is likely to contain enough rain for flooding to be possible in one or two days, the BoM will issue a Flood Watch for the areas they think might flood”.

If the weather pattern continues to develop, the next warning to look out for is a Flood Warning for a particular river, meaning flooding is happening or about to happen. Flood Warnings have three different levels, Minor, Moderate or Major depending on the expected size and impact of the flood.

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VICSES will issue community warnings through the Vic Emergency app and website which directly link Flood Watches and Flood Warnings. It is important to understand what these different levels of warnings mean to you and what level would be your trigger to act for flooding near you.

“The more you know about what these different weather and community warnings mean, the more likely you will make safe and practical decisions before and during a flood”, Jane said.

You can stay informed by monitoring forecasts, river levels and weather warnings at the Bureau of Meteorology website

For more information on community warnings, visit

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