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Under attack

The Petya cyber attack has hit Australia

A major ransomware attack, which hit servers across Europe and the US, has reached Australia.

On Wednesday, Australian Cyber Security Minister Dan Tehan issued an urgent warning to small businesses to update their cyber security.


Hobart’s Cadbury factory has been affected, with its parent company saying they are working to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

Cyber security journalist Stilgherrian has told Ross and John on Melbourne's 3AW if you see the ransom message, shut your computer down and call for help.


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Professional services firm, Price Waterhouse Cooper offered this advice:

A new wave of the combined Petya and Mischa ransomware variation, also known as ‘Goldeneye’, has been affecting a significant number of organisations across a wide range of industries since Tuesday 27 June.

Our earlier advice in response to the WannaCry attack continues to apply to this new wave, despite differences in the technical elements of the ransomware.

PwC WannaCry advice can be found here:

PwC never recommends paying a ransomware - unless there is a threat to life. Doing so fuels the ransomware economy, funding development of additional ransomware techniques and campaigns.

June 2017: There are fears more Australian businesses may have fallen victim to a global cyber attack which hit more than 75,000 computers in Europe and crippled Britain's health system.

The attack impacted 99 countries in the early hours of Saturday morning, Australian time.

Ross and John from Melbourne Radio's 3aw spoke with Alastair MacGibbon, who is special adviser to the Prime Minister on cyber security.

He said many people may turn on their computer at work on Monday to find out they've fallen victim.

"Update your windows operating system and you'll be immune," Mr MacGibbon explained on 3AW Breakfast.

The malware locks all files on a computer, demanding you pay a ransom to get them unlocked.