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Photo Engie Hazelwood: Hazelwood mine dust map

Hazelwood air monitoring

Hazelwood air monitoring

Photo Engie Hazelwood: Hazelwood mine dust map

Real time air quality data available during Hazelwood rehabilitation

ENGIE Hazelwood has established an Air Quality Monitoring website to provide the community with access to the results of the site’s extensive network of air monitors.

The new air quality website provides the community and stakeholders with access to daily information and trends for mine dust, demolition dust and asbestos background monitoring.

Project Director, Tony Innocenzi, said ENGIE Hazelwood has monitored air quality across the Hazelwood site for many years. Advances in technology have enabled us to install new, modern monitors that can connect to a website and provide real time results.

“We have a network of 47 monitors across the site to ensure that our project is safe for our onsite workers and the nearby community,” Mr Innocenzi said.

“We have many activities occurring across our site including demolition of the Power Station and rehabilitation of the Mine and its surrounds,” Mr Innocenzi said.

“It is important that our community can access air quality information that is sourced from multiple locations across our site and that information we provide to the community is timely and designed for their needs.”

To access the website, go to

BELOW: Ambitious tourist plan for the Valley's coal mines

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Ambitious tourist plan for the Valley's coal mines

The state government has released a plan to transform the Latrobe Valley's coal mines into a tourist attraction to rival Italy's Lake Como.

The plan, released this week, involves rehabilitating the Hazelwood, Loy Yang and Yallourn coal mines.

Geothermal spas are also part of the long-term vision, for when all three mines are eventually closed.

Water availability, water quality and geophysical need for a filled mine void will also influence the potential for the tourist attraction.

The plan hopes the Latrobe Valley will one day be nationally and internationally recognised as a unique and distinctive place.

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