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Hazelwood barramundi cull

  • Hazelwood barramundi cullFishing World photo: Futurefish director David Kramer at Hazelwood

Mixed fortunes for the Hazelwood barra

More than 400 barramundi have been culled from the Hazelwood pondage as the once warm water continues to cool.

With the power station no longer operating, pondage temperatures have dropped from 22 degrees to less than 15 degrees, which doesn't suit the warm water barramundi.

Many of the fish have found their way into a channel of hot artesian water. Fisheries officers have electro-stunned other fish.

The sick, smaller and weaker ones that didn't survive were removed, while around 100 were moved to the warm water area.

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Victorian Fisheries Authority Chief Executive, Travis Dowling, says they're optimistic about the pond's future.

"Fingers crossed that we're going to continue to have a great Barramundi fishery at Hazelwood.

"We've had over a million dollars of economic activity come into the region from people travelling from all over Australia, to come to Hazelwood, and come to Morwell and Traralgon, to fish for barra."