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Helping with sanitation

Sale plumber returns from sanitation project in West Java

Local plumber, Aidan Ward has returned from a week in a remote part of Indonesia after being chosen as part of the Australian team to participate in the Community Plumbing Challenge 2017.

Selected as the Design Plumber, Aidan visited Cicau Village, Bekasi in West Java to design the septic and treatment systems, collaborating with other team members from the US, Ireland, India and Indonesia.

Poor sanitation and unsafe water contribute to 88 per cent of deaths from diarrhoea amongst young children worldwide. In Indonesia, diarrhoea is still a major cause of death amongst children under the age of five.

Working with designers, engineers and architects, Aidan believes that his practical experience with Laser Plumbing Sale was advantageous to the project which will focus on building a wastewater system for the local school as well as installing new toilets and a reliable water supply.

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Aidan said: “With my experience, I am able to assess the designs and the practical application, looking at geography, placement of plumbing and recognise any issues. From this, we develop a solution which is beneficial for the school and community.”

The project is lead by the International Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Foundation whose aim is to connect technical experts with local community networks to develop and embed real skills in the design, management, and long-term sustainable maintenance of water and waste systems worldwide.

With teams from around the world taking part, Aidan will return to the project in November, working with other plumbers, a carpenter, a bricklayer and a team leader working together as Team Australia to build the infrastructure that will make a difference to the lives of many.

CHECK OUT THE VIDEO ABOVE. Aidan is at the 2:47 mark.