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Kiss My Fat Ass

Aussie band Sheppard have had some great success over the year with big hits like Geronimo and Let Me Down Easy.

This morning the band released a brand new video with a special message. #kissmyfatass

The 'Kiss My Fat Ass' movement was started by co-lead singer of the band; Amy Sheppard who started the movement as a result of copping some hard comments on a holiday picture with her in a bikini.

The movement is about celebrating the skin you're in, and not conform to stereotypes or feel peer group pressure.

The band, who are also fellow siblings have supported Amy on her campaign and the band has today released and song an subsequent video.

Check it out and let us know what you think?!

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A very positive message in a Social Media heavy world. Love the skin your in... and kiss my fat ass!

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