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ASH mill at Heyfield

Mill workers gov't pleas

Mill workers gov't pleas

ASH mill at Heyfield

Union calls to stop possible Heyfield mill winter shutdowns

Workers at Australian Sustainable Hardwoods’ mill at Heyfield will be asked to commit to two union campaigns, that the CFMEU Manufacturing Division considers to be central to job security.

The union said the Heyfield mill is the lifeblood of the community, employing more than 150 people. However, the union believes the mill is at risk of suffering shutdowns over winter.

The union said this is due to the Victorian Government "not delivering on its log supply commitments under the flawed forestry plan"

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"Adding insult to injury, jobs have been further put at risk by a decision to award a prominent State Government contract - the ANZAC station project - to contractors using overseas timber instead of timber grown and milled in regional Victoria," said CFMEU Manufacturing Division National Secretary Michael O’Connor.

Workers will be asked to make a submission to the Australian Government to stop Regional Forest Agreements being challenged by green groups, and to write an email to Victorian Government Ministers calling on them to intervene in the ANZAC project.

“These jobs will go if Governments don’t start getting serious about wood supply and local procurement,” Mr O’Connor said.

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