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Mine rehabilitation

  • Mine rehabilitationArtist's impression of the Hazelwood coal mine as a lake

Open days about Latrobe Valley mine rehabilitation planning

A series of open days begin today to learn more about future coal mine rehabilitation in the Latrobe Valley.

A strategy for the Valley's mine three mines is being prepared led by Professor Rae Mackay.

"We have a number of different streams of work going on through the project.

"Some in relation to planning, others in relation to geo-technical stability, others in relation to water and water availability.

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"Members of each of those different parts of the project team will be able to answer questions on those specific issues.

"The goal is to provide information to the community so it's a drop-in opportunity for people in the Valley to actually come and find out about what's happening.

"If they want to ask questions or put forward suggestions we'll be able to listen to them and provide feedback."

Those interested can drop-in between 2 and 8pm today at the Moe Football Club. Other sessions are on 22 Nov at the Morwell Bowling Club and 29 Nov at the Traralgon Tennis Association.