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Mouse troubles

  • Mouse troublesSource: Pinterest

Listener tips & tricks for handling an infestation!

You're laying in bed. It's quiet and dark. You're cosy and warm. You're about to doze off when...

*scuffle scuffle*

It's the noise that brings dread and fear. The mice have come.

The weather is cooling and the annual infestation of rodents is a yearly problem for many a household.

But what to do???

Use bait and you run the risk of pets or children finding it, or at the very least, the mice running away to die in unreachable places, only evident when you get a whiff of the putrid odor of death and decay.

Traps are useful to an extent, but the mice seem to breed faster than what you can catch!

Exterminators are the ultimate choice, but can be costly!

Below we will continue to compile a list of listener tips and suggestions if you're having the same sort of troubles! Feel free to comment in the link to add your own advice!

Good luck!!

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"Simply brew a cup of peppermint tea and then leave the bag in the room where spiders and mice have been a problem. Y Put the tea bag in a corner, so it is best if you use 4 tea bags, one in each corner. You can get the same results with essential oil. Put 10 – 15 drops of peppermint oil in a spray bottle full of water and spray it around the baseboards. For spiders, you can also use cinnamon and lemon oil." - Katie

"Don't bother getting a cat - ours lies in front of the fire while the stupid mouse runs all over my kitchen benches." - Yvonne

"Best thing I've found is rat sack and lots of it! Plus plastic mouse traps with peanut butter." - Krystle

"CATS! Never had one in the house!" - Catherine

"I have a kitchen full of pythons... never seen a mouse or rat!" - Jodie

"Peppermint oil sprayed EVERYWHERE. They hate it." - Eva

"Plastic traps and peanut butter." - Sophie

"My labrador catches mice..." - Jordan

"Rat shot poison works wonders." - Deano

"Toothpaste - cut open tube place where mice are. They eat it, become sick and die." - Katrina

"Peppermint oil - spray it around and add it to your mop bucket!" - Katrina

"Rat sack in your ceiling, garage, under house etc. Keep it away from other pets. Traps will get the ones in your house but you need to kill them all and stop the breeding." - Tamara

"Check out a product called rat zapper.. Amazing!! They crawl in the trap and get electrocuted. No mice crawling in our walls dying." - Venessa

"Last time we had a bad mouse problem (living in an old farmhouse) we set traps with peanut butter in spots we would often see the mice (eg: next to the oven, behind the fireplace). Every morning we would empty the traps until we finally had no mice left. Now we just have a plethora of cats and we don't tend to get the mice anymore." - Jo-Anne

"I don't use any rodent bait but use live traps then the mice are knocked on the head and frozen in zip lock bags to use for feeding native birds in care that require mice. I don't use bait as it means mice die any where and could be picked up by Owls and other small birds of prey and it could kill them too." - Anne

"Mix flour vanilla sugar and quick setting cement in a small container place behind fridge or freezer then leave out a bowl of water mice/rats eat get thirsty and drink and boom fast set rodents." - Pen

"Get a Ultrasonic Pestrepeller. I use to have mice purchased this and no more problems for the last 6 years. I bought it online." - Bill

"My cats and a rat zapper do the job while i stand on the table and scream." - Jackie

"Fresh pumpkin seed on the trap awesome trick." - Jussie

- Lee

"Nooski Mouse Trap from Bunnings" - Jaz

"This... its amazing. I cut the bottom of food boxes and put some in there. I called an exterminator (?) Once because we had 3 rats in the house (farm house near the silage stack) he told me as long as you have bait in the roof you wont get them. So we did the bait in the roof. Had to keep refilling it for a week or two n we didnt get them again." - Jo

"Get a Ultrasonic Pestrepeller. I use to have mice purchased this and no more problems for the last 6 years. I bought it online." - Bill

"I put chilli flakes in jewellery organza bags and place them around the house and put 5 packets of rat sack under the house . Problem solved it's only because of the cold weather hadn't seen a single mouse in the 12 months I've been in this house" - Elizabeth

" I use Tom Cat bait and Ratinken bait for McRoberts. Save around pets. I lay it out in bushes and near downpipes, tape up downpipes so they can't get in roof that way but they will find another entry, when I find it I will block that one to. The bait does work cause I've caught a few that have eaten it. I know they eat it cause I check and lay more out more eaten. I also throw bait in roof as well. The bait from supermarket was useless." - Rozalie