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Photo courtesy 3AW

Protesters not supported

Protesters not supported

Photo courtesy 3AW

Local builders distance themselves from Melbourne protesters

Gippsland builders say the construction workers and their allies who violently blocked Melbourne streets and the West Gate Bridge yesterday do not speak for them.

Local builders we approached yesterday didn't want to speak publicly but did say they don't support the way the protest action was carried out.

They also made the point that the ones breaking the law are commercial builders on large-scale projects, not domestic builders like them.

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The Opposition said the government's "knee-jerk reaction" in closing down the building industry has far-reaching consequences which go far beyond disputes over tearooms.

"In shutting down hundreds of residential building sites right around the state, Daniel Andrews has told thousands of high-volume and independent tradies and builders that they can no longer work," said the Shadow Minister for Housing, Ryan Smith.

"These builders, who work on sites which often have less than half a dozen people and who mostly work outdoors, have largely done the right thing over the past 18 months, along with so many other Victorians.

"The government demonstrates time after time that they simply do not understand the impact of shutting down an entire industry overnight. Tourism, hospitality and the events sector have all felt the pain of these sudden shut-downs. The residential building sector now joins the growing list of those devastated by a government that is either ignorant or just doesn’t care," Mr Smith said.

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