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Remember Corey?

  • Remember Corey?

Remember Corey Worthington? He's throwing a 10 year reunion...

Corey Worthington became famous after throwing an out-of-control party in 2008 when he was just 16 in Narre Warren South. And now it looks like there'll be round two...

A Facebook event has been set up for a 10 year reunion party to commemorate Corey Worthington’s infamous MySpace party. So far, over 12,000 people are interested in attending the event on January 8 in Narre Warren.

Organisers of the event have reminded attendees it's BYO and have urged them to "bring a plate". At this stage it is unknown whether Corey will attend.

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Corey's party in 2008 was shut down by police with help from the dog squad and a police helicopter. Later that year, he appeared on Australian Big Brother and released a single - a cover of the Beastie Boy’s Fight for Your Right (To Party).