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Residents flown home

Residents flown home

Evacuated locals from the Yinnar South Budgeree fire flown home

Fire crews went above expectations quite literally when they flew residents back to their homes a few days ago, after evacuating during the Yinnar South Budgeree fire.

Crews assisted two residents with an urgent need to return home by arranging helicopter transport to their properties within the Yinnar fires.

Incident Controller, Mark Gunning said: “Crews recognised the urgency and legitimacy of the requests and they were pleased to assist the two residents return to their homes for a short time.

“The helicopter flight enabled them to return home safely by avoiding travel on roads that are still unsafe because of hazardous trees.

The residents were able to check on animals left behind during the evacuation and collect personal items.

Local resident, Peter Adams was relieved to be reunited with his dogs, as well as other pets.

“My dogs, Isabella and Finn, were delighted to see me, though both had lost weight,” he said.

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Suzie Zent was particularly grateful to a SES crew who had taken time to water her vegetable garden whilst checking her property.

“We were happy to hear lyrebirds had already returned and were scratching near the sprinklers”, she said.

Bernard Marsh, who was able to collect personal documents for his imminent wedding, said: “Seeing the devastation from the air was even more confronting than seeing it from the ground, it’s absolutely incredible no-one has been hurt.”

“I’d like to thank everyone, especially the fire crews. So much courage and sweat has gone into saving lives and houses,” he said.

Whilst much has been done to remove hazardous trees and make the roads safe for re-opening, the Upper Middle Creek Road remains closed while work continues.

For current information on road closures, visit

For the latest warnings on bushfires and other emergencies, visit the Emergency Management Victoria website

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