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Sawyer Thompson Guilty

  • Sawyer Thompson Guilty

Last person in VIC to be sentenced under now-abolished law

Bonnie Sawyer-Thompson has been found GUILTY of defensive homicide after the "ghastly" murder of Jack Nankervis.

She was sentenced to a 10-year jail term, and could be eligible for parole in 4 years time, with the three years she has already spent in custody recognized as time served.

Sawyer-Thompson was 19-years-old when she stabbed Nankervis over 70 times with a mattock and knife while he was sleeping in her Morwell unit, in June 2014.

At her committal hearing last year, Sawyer-Thompson's lawyer argued she had been subjected to physical and mental abuse by her then-boyfriend and that he had told her to kill Mr Nankervis.

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Defensive homicide was abolished as a defense back in 2014, after the government admitted it allowed killers “to get away with murder”.

It was originally intended for female domestic violence victims who retaliated after sustained abuse.

But of the 34 Victorians to have faced the charge, 29 killers have been men.