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Seacombe fire

Seacombe fire

Fire bombing aircraft used Seacombe

Updated at 9am:

The fire burning in scrub and farm land near Seacombe is now under control.

The CFA says the fire is still active within dozer lines currently at 70 hectares in size.

Fire crews will work to consolidate the mineral earth breaks and extinguish hot spot as they are identified.

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Crews have been working overnight on a fire in scrub and farm land near Seacombe, between Lake Wellington and the 90 Mile Beach.

The fire began late yesterday afternoon on Longford Seacombe Road, and dozers and fire bombing aircraft were quickly on the scene.

Control lines are holding the fire at 67 kilometres in size.

The fire is still active within those lines and crews are working to bring it under control before winds pick up during the day.

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