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Showers in springtime

  • Showers in springtime
  • Showers in springtime

Gippsland hoping for handy spring rains

Local weather forecasters at East Sale believe Gippsland could see more spring rain than was first thought.

While the region had a drier winter than the rest of the state, we could be about to make up for it, according to the senior meteorologist at the weather bureau's defence weather office Roger Lurz.

"That pessimistic outlook we've had for awhile has gone.

"Very much now the forecast is for conditions to be returning to normal, certainly for September and October and, if anything, a hint of above average rainfall starting to creep in to the east of the state for November."

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Meanwhile showers are forecast in Gippsland for the rest of this week.

Weather Situation from the Bureau of Meteorology:

A low pressure trough over western parts will move slowly eastwards across the State today (Tuesday). A cold front will cross Victoria on Wednesday with a cold and unstable west to southwesterly airflow to follow, which will persist during Thursday. Another cold front will reach the southwest of the State later on Friday.