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Solar farm

  • Solar farmFrom Wellington Shire Council: aerial view of the area for a proposed solar farm at Maffra.

Maffra Solar Farm receives planning approval

Wellington Shire Council has approved a planning permit for a $40 million solar farm near Maffra.

ARP Australian Solar plans to construct the farm on a 63-hectare property on Brewers Hill Road.

The development will see 125,000 solar panels installed on-site, and it is estimated the farm will produce enough electricity to power over 7,000 homes.

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Development of the solar farm will also benefit the local economy, with the proponent estimating approximately 200 jobs will be created during the construction phase.

A smaller number of ongoing employment opportunities will also be available once the farm is operational.

Extensive consultation was undertaken by ARP Australian Solar Pty Ltd with neighbouring properties and the local community prior to the permit being issued.