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Tertiary Partnership

Tertiary Partnership

Landmark partnership announced between TAFE Gippsland and Federation University

By Pat Gordon

In a first for the Gippsland region, Federation University Australia and TAFE Gippsland have signed a landmark Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to advance and support tertiary education in the Gippsland region.

Under the agreement, TAFE Gippsland students of Nursing, Community Services, Business, Education and Conservation and Land Management will graduate with guaranteed credits for the relevant Federation University undergraduate degrees.

The move means students could finish their university degree in two years instead of three, helping to address local workforce shortages in industries such as health and education.

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The Victorian Government’s 2019 Jobs and Training Needs Report lists courses in early education, school age education and care, and nursing among a selection of courses that closely align to Gippsland’s industry and economic needs.

TAFE Gippsland CEO Grant Radford, says that the partnership is an exciting step for those studying the five courses.

"It's actually gone relatively quickly, so the two organisations have worked together really well, I'm really happy with how its come together and its come together extremely quickly, so we can get on board as fast as we can" said Mr Radford.

"It's really about options, so there's nothing to stop the student finishing the (TAFE) diploma and continuing to go and get employment, but they've got the opportunity if they want to go on to do further studies that its there,"

"We've got multiple examples of where people who don't have the confidence, they start their TAFE course and they say actually I can do this and they continue on".

Speaking about the possibility of expanding the course offerings in the future, Mr Radford said discussions were already underway.

"In our initial conversations there was a bucket list, we said where are the most important ones and the ones that we think we can do,"

"These were the ones that we could get going relatively quickly with a lot of demand, with good employment outcomes, but we've already started discussions on a whole lot of other courses, we just need to work through what that looks like".

The agreement will come into effect next year and marks the first step in what will be a long partnership between TAFE Gippsland and Federation University regarding pathway development and the potential for joint program offerings.

TAFE Gippsland and Federation University have also established a scholarship program for 2020, providing 10 TAFE Gippsland graduates with a $1,000 grant each to put towards studying a Bachelor degree with Federation University.

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