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Port Albert has been popular in online real estate searches. Photo: Gippsland Goodness.

The lure of Gippsland

The lure of Gippsland

Port Albert has been popular in online real estate searches. Photo: Gippsland Goodness.

Melburnians are looking at Gippsland

The Member for Gippsland Darren Chester says an exodus from Melbourne to Gippsland and other parts of regional Victoria could be happening.

Mr Chester said he is hearing from local real estate agents that there is an unprecedented interest in moving from the city to the country.

The Gippsland MP has written on his Facebook page, and in an article in The Age, that he has received significant anecdotal evidence that more people are interested in relocating from the city to our region.

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"I’m a huge supporter of decentralisation and attracting more people to live, work and invest for their futures in regional areas like Gippsland," Mr Chester said.

Speaking to 3AW's Neil Mitchell, relayed through Gippsland's Gold, Mr Chester said: "I had a real estate agent in Sale .. tell me just last week that he had sold 60 blocks of land in two months, and they would normally sell a dozen in the time. So they've had a massive increase in demand."

"And I'm hearing feedback from people in the education sector and the health sector that when they've advertised jobs online .. they've been surprised by the amount of interest coming out of the metropolitan areas," Mr Chester said.

In an article on the Gippsland Goodness web site, Mr Chester said: "I’m not surprised more people are looking to leave the city behind and make a new start in Gippsland.”.

“The region offers magnificent scenery, great amenities and space for families to grow and enjoy our natural assets."

Mr Chester believes that more investment in infrastructure, particularly our telecommunications network, is essential to selling a new life in Gippsland to city commuters.

“Projects such as the Gippsland rail upgrade and the Princes Highway duplication will increase connectivity and speed up travel times between our region and the city and are key to convincing more people to shift here.”

Affordability, transport links and lifestyle are the three main factors driving people to regional areas, according to

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