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Tim Bull attends a timber industry protest at state parliament

Timber Group Left Pining

Timber Group Left Pining

Tim Bull attends a timber industry protest at state parliament

Timber contractors have been made to feel their working futures are uncertain.

The state government is being accused of leaving timber industry contractors to assess their livelihoods, with the guarantee of work through to 2024 now uncertain.

Factors leading to the uncertainty are said to include:

  • Environmental groups obtaining injunctions preventing logging in coupes they were to return to,

  • VicForests dragging its feet to open up replacement coupes, and

  • A lack of effort on the level of roadside clearing required to ensure we do not have more long-term road closures


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On top of this, last week the East Gippsland native timber harvesters were issued with the information of Daniel Andrews’ plan to close the industry.

Member for East Gippsland Tim Bull says the government was happy to utilise and support the timber industry at the height of the bushfire crisis, but now that the pressure has started to come down these workers have been left out to dry.

Mr. Bull says there is still plenty of work to be done to clean up from the disaster, and that the government should uphold its guarantee of work for these contractors through to 2024.

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