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Local Nationals MPs fear new tolls on Melbourne roads will hit Gippsland producers and transport operators.

Tolls "unfair" for east

Tolls "unfair" for east

Local Nationals MPs fear new tolls on Melbourne roads will hit Gippsland producers and transport operators.

Fears new Melbourne tolls will hit Gippsland freight

Gippsland East MP Tim Bull says plans to increase tolls for all Monash and Citylink users to pay for the West Gate Tunnel will not only adversely affect drivers but will be a cost to businesses.

He says the tunnel project only benefits drivers on the west side of Melbourne making it unfair for those of us in the east.

Mr Bull says the state government needs to consider the impact of the tolls on Gippsland businesses.

"We have some significant freight companies based in East Gippsland.

"We are a large scale producer of a number of goods including food and fibre, and they have to get to port.

"So all of our businesses that are involved in the export trade, or taking their goods around other areas of the state or interstate, will have this massive impost placed on them for many many years to come."

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Meanwhile the Member for Gippsland South Danny O’Brien says "it’s a slap in the face that Gippslanders are stuck with an unfinished Princes Highway duplication while Daniel Andrews shamelessly forces them to pay for his West Gate Tunnel deal."

Mr O’Brien said "drivers going in to Melbourne via CityLink will take a hip pocket hit after the Andrews Labor Government signed a secretive deal with Transurban that will increase tolls to pay for a completely different new road – the West Gate Tunnel."

Mr O’Brien said the cost of doing business would skyrocket as a result of the deal.

“Commercial vehicles already pay higher tolls, so any movement of fresh produce or freight that goes across the state via Melbourne will also cost more with Labor’s toll increases.

“With ongoing drought conditions and little-to-no financial support from the Andrews Labor Government, the last thing farmers and regional businesses need is escalating costs, but that’s exactly what the Premier for Melbourne’s dodgy Transurban deal delivers.”

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