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Traralgon Bravery Award

Traralgon Bravery Award

Traralgon Man among those recognised by the Governor General

Traralgon's Marc Johnson has been awarded with a Commendation For Brave Conduct, as part of the Governor General's Australian Bravery Decorations.

The Awards recognise and celebrate Australians who faced with a dangerous or perilous situation, think not of themselves or their own safety but about others

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In the early evening of 21 September 2017, Mr Johnson assisted in the rescue of a man from rough water at the port of Hvar in Croatia.

Mr Johnson was aboard a taxi boat transporting a group of people between a cruise ship and the port of Hvar when a small boat nearby capsized, throwing all four occupants into the rough water.

Another person from the taxi boat dove into the choppy water and swam to the upturned boat. He assisted a male and a female who were clinging to the upturned vessel back to the taxi boat. The distressed male was in a weakened condition after falling below the surface of the water on several occasions.

The people on the taxi boat managed to pull the woman aboard but, due to the design of the boat, the choppy conditions, and the dead weight of the male, they were only able to hold his head above the water.

Despite the hazardous conditions, Mr Johnson quickly jumped from the taxi boat. Assisted by the other rescuer already in the water, they worked to push the exhausted man from below and with the help of others in the boat managed to get the man out of the water.

On returning to the harbour, the taxi boat was met by medical assistance, with all four members of the capsized boat going on to survive.

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