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Photo - Sam Connell: Traralgon vaccine mandate protest Wednesday night.

Traralgon vax protest

Traralgon vax protest

Photo - Sam Connell: Traralgon vaccine mandate protest Wednesday night.

Protest in Traralgon against government's authorised worker vaccine mandate

Around 200 people gathered in Traralgon after work last night for a peaceful protest about the mandating of vaccinations for authorised workers.

The group carrying placards made their way from Franklin Street, across the highway to Victory Park.

Police said there were no arrests and no penalty notices were issued.

A spokesperson said: "Victoria Police will continue to have a highly visible presence to maintain public safety, and to ensure any protest activity that breaches the CHO directions does not impact on the broader community’s right to go about their daily lives."

BELOW: The government's case for vaccinations; Concerns by local business operators

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The action in Traralgon came as the government continues to push the case for vaccinations.

Victoria's Covid-19 Testing Commander Jeroen Wiemar yesterday said the vast majority of Covid cases in Victoria in the past three months were unvaccinated.

"25,000 total cases - both active cases and expired cases - over the last three or four months... of those 25,000 cases, 84 percent of them were unvaccinated," Mr Wiemar said.

"11 percent of those 25,000 cases had had one dose of the vaccine, and only five percent were fully vaccinated."

The state government will require all authorised workers to have their first Covid vaccination by 15 October and a second by 26 November.

With these dates fast approaching, Traralgon Chamber of Commerce president Luke Henderson said many of the region's businesses are not equipped to have tough conversations with staff about being vaccinated.

"Many small business owners aren't trained or have practiced having those conversations with their staff," Mr Henderson said.

"It puts a lot of people in awkward positions. It's a highly emotive topic.

"There's not a lot of information about employer support and/or employee support about what happens if, what and when those conversations happen," Mr Henderson said.

Photos top and below: Sam Connell

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