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Trolleys wanted

  • Trolleys wanted

IGA Stratford customers have had an armful!

Trolley thieves have cost the IGA Stratford store their entire fleet of shopping carts.

Store manager, Faji Joseph, said they started to notice the declining numbers over the past 3 to 4 months and one day realised there were none left.

He says he doesn't suspect anything particularly sinister has occurred but believes customers may have simply forgotten about them.

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A flyer placed around the store appealing for their return saw just one customer handing one in last Thursday.

Mr Joseph says it will costs him up to $130 to replace each missing trolley, which are a necessary part of the business.

He says this is the first time in his five years at the store that all the trolleys have gone astray, but still won't consider having coin locks put on them.

Anyone who finds an IGA Stratford trolley is urged to return it to the store, no questions asked.