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Valley Crime Crackdown

  • Valley Crime Crackdown

Latrobe Valley Community is the key to stopping crime

From Crime Stoppers Victoria

Crime Stoppers and Victoria Police have today named 10 offenders wanted by Latrobe Police on outstanding arrest warrants for property-related crime.

The move comes as part of a three-week collaborative campaign between Latrobe Police and Crime Stoppers aimed at locating wanted offenders and driving down crime in the area.

A number of offenders will be named during the Latrobe Crime Crackdown Campaign, with the next set of 10 to be named on Monday (24 July) next week.

The campaign follows a successful roll-out of the initiative in Bendigo of March this year, whereby 12 of 20 offenders named were located and arrested by Bendigo Police and additionally a 50 percent reduction of burglary victims during the campaign period.

The Latrobe community is urged to get behind the campaign and report what they know about the wanted offenders to Crime Stoppers.


Acting Inspector Peter Watson said he was confident that many of the offenders were still in the local area.

“Each wanted person is known to either frequent the Latrobe area or have an association with the area in some way, so we believe someone in Latrobe must know where they are,” he said.

“There is a very high likelihood that these people will continue to offend so we are asking everyone to keep an eye out and call Crime Stoppers if you have any information.

“Someone who is wanted for a burglary may have stolen a vehicle, this vehicle could be used in another crime. There is a lot of crossover in these crime categories. There may be a small number of offenders but they are very active across a multitude of crime categories.

“This campaign is just one example of how we are continuing to target thieves in Latrobe and keep our community safe from crime, but we need the community to help us.”


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The Crime Crackdown Campaign was also successfully held in Ballarat in September 2016.

17 of 23 offenders named were located and arrested by Ballarat Police during the campaign period, followed by a further five arrests after its conclusion.

Crime Stoppers Victoria General Manager Cathy Rhodes said the community is key to helping stop and solve crime.

“Burglaries are up across the State,” she said. “This is not a problem that is isolated to Latrobe but right across Victoria.

“At Crime Stoppers Victoria we are committed to working with local police and local communities to help reduce crime. No one knows their community better than the people who live and work there and we know that with the support of the community this campaign can lead to real results.

“So please, if you know who these people are, or if you have information relating to any other crime, we urge you to report what you know confidentially to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or on our website at All information received is handled in utmost confidence. There is no caller ID or IP tracing.”