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The TR Morning Crew

The TR Morning Crew

with Gabi & Dan from 6am-10am weekdays

According to Gabi, Dan isn’t actually a real person but more of a cartoon character. With his bare feet, interesting attire, a frozen coke permanently attached to his hand and his random facts about trains, we think they may be on to something! But Dan is also the most patient of the TR Morning Crew… you’d have to be dealing with his cohost at work and then going home to 4 young boys!

Gabi has grown up with two older brothers, so Dan is childsplay for her. She's always up for a laugh - even if it's at her expense and holds no secrets on air. Whatever's happening in her life, you'll hear about it no matter how embarrassing it may be.

Listen every weekday morning to expect the unexpected... Gabi tells it how it is and Dan just tries to keep everything running smoothly!

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